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Meeting Key
Looking For A Meeting

This key will help you find meetings with specific services or format.

C = Closed meetings are only for addicts or for people who think they may have a drug problem.
O = Open meetings are open to the general public.
O* = Open last week of the month
# = Non-Smoking
+ = Smoking
B – Basic Text Study
L = Literature Study
S – Step Study
T = Tradition Study
Cl – Candlelight
V = Format Varies
D – Discussion
W – Wheelchair Access
N – Non-Wheelchair Access
11 – 11th Step Meditation
H = Childcare Available

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Additional Zoom

*Additional Zoom meetings:
International Marathon Meeting (24/7): ID is 494 965 5895 Password: 1953
NANA Marathon Meeting (24/7): ID is 558 544 927 Password: 247247
For other virtual meetings please refer to

Please email for any updates needing to be made to the schedule.

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